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FITDIL is currently in the process of being upgraded. As of August 18, 2016, all the slideshows and personal images have been copied to the new site. Anything saved after this date will be lost when the new site is launched. Please hold off any faculty entry activities until further notice.

*Update* November 1, 2016
The new and improved FITDIL is now available. Please click FITDIL/MDID3 and log in with your FIT user ID and password to start using the new version of FITDIL.

FITDIL is an Internet-based digital repository database of approximately 80,000 original FIT images intended for both research and instructional use by FIT students and faculty.

The FITDIL database allows FIT academic departments to manage their own image collections and create slideshows for use in the classroom. FITDIL was created to encourage use of the Internet as an instructional tool and to promote the sharing of visual resources by the FIT community.

For more information, visit the FITDIL page

If you are an artist holding copyright on any of the works and you object to having your work represented in this database, please call at (212) 217-4375 and notify us immediately. Our intention is purely educational, but we will promptly remove any images you do not wish included.


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